How to Post Like a Social Media Pro

How To Post Like A Pro: 3 Social Media T’s

Yes, it is possible to transform likes into leads. And heck yes, your brand can turn relevancy into ROI. All you need is to win over your audience’s attention and affection on social media.

People are spending more time than ever on social – two-thirds of Millennial and Gen Z adults and more than half of Gen X have increased use. If you want to win audience attention and help your brand now – here’s how you can dig deeper and leverage the extra attention people are giving social platforms:


All the best brands aren’t just marketing and engaging, they’re taking into account current events from COVID-19 to racial inequality to show their softer side, including comedian brand Frito-Lay. They’re evaluating (and re-evaluating) their social messaging strategy and tone over the next 3 to 9 months. If your audience has shifted, then your tone and approach should too. Will Frito-Lay forever shine their spotlight on helping humanity? Or will they take back their jokester identity?


Rising usage means many brands have seen impressions skyrocket with organic and paid social media. But how will you hold your audience’s attention once they aren’t just staying at home? How will you keep that attention or move audiences further down the funnel? Hyper-targeted lead generation campaigns that are customized by audience segment and supported by social paid targeting will maximize your results.

Influencers can also be an incredible resource for reaching a specific segment. Have no fear, you don’t need Kardashian budgets, micro-influencers have also found to be incredibly effective.


If 2020 has taught us anything so far, it’s that change can happen over night. During this time, everyone should be testing messaging and visuals to continue to learn new insights about our audiences. Many of our clients are closely testing prospecting and retargeting messaging per outlet and audience. Your creative, media and strategy teams should be connecting and optimizing weekly. Just be careful testing out any new moves on TikToks – that audience is HARSH. And if your team needs a guide in this semi-hairy process, that happens to be our specialty.


Brands staying true to themselves are really shining through. I’m even buying Ruggable rugs (the one where you can just throw them in the washer) that I really don’t need because their retargeting is extremely good, and they are going the extra mile to help with COVID relief. Oh, and, my two toddlers are very messy – like mess up a junk yard, messy.

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