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Culture Shock: A Regional U.S. Marketing Guide to New Year’s Aspirations

As we usher in a new year, businesses and marketers are presented with a unique opportunity to understand and cater to the diverse resolutions that individuals across the United States are setting for themselves. From the bustling cities of the Northeast to the laid-back atmosphere of the Southeast, the resolutions landscape is as varied as the regions themselves.

The insights team at ChappellRoberts kicked off 2024 with an exploration of the differences in New Year’s resolutions across the U.S. and how brands can tailor marketing strategies to resonate with regional aspiration trends.

Understanding Nationwide Resolutions: A Common Thread of Financial and Personal Well-being

First things first – there are some common resolutions that bind us together as a nation. They fall in the “expected” category – those that most of us have had at one point or another. The top four resolutions nationwide reveal a shared focus on financial prudence and personal well-being:

  1. Spending Less/Saving More (35% of Americans): A pronounced desire for financial stability and disciplined spending sets the tone for resolutions nationwide.
  2. Losing Weight/Exercising More (34% of Americans): The pursuit of physical fitness remains a priority, showcasing a commitment to healthier lifestyles and physical attractiveness across the country.
  3. Improving Mental Health (28% of Americans): Growing awareness of the importance of psychological well-being means a significant percentage of Americans are striving for improved mental health.
  4. Spending More Time with Loved Ones (28% of Americans): Strengthening interpersonal connections is a common theme, emphasizing the importance of family and friends in our lives.

Marketing Strategies for the West: Tapping into Environmental Consciousness and Exploration

The West, known for its progressive mindset and love for adventure, presents a unique landscape for marketers. To connect with Western audiences:

  • Embrace Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Brands can market products or services with a strong eco-friendly message, aligning with the region’s 18% higher prevalence of resolutions to be more environmentally friendly.
  • Promote Travel Experiences: Given the 14% higher prevalence of resolutions to travel more, brands can win by promoting escapism or by marketing travel-related products or experiences, appealing to the adventurous spirit of the region.
  • Highlight Novel Experiences: Westerners express a 13% higher prevalence of resolutions about trying new things. Marketers who promote products or services that offer unique, unconventional, or innovative experiences are likely to win in the West.

Strategies for the Midwest: Nurturing Personal Growth and Mental Well-being

The Midwest, with its friendly communities and vast landscapes, provides a fertile ground for businesses to connect on a personal level:

  • Promote Personal Growth: Given the 15% higher prevalence of keeping their resolutions to themselves, brands can win in the Midwest by supporting overall personal growth and improvement.
  • Support Mental Health Initiatives: With a 9% higher prevalence of taking better care of mental health, brands can align their messaging with mental health awareness and support campaigns.
  • Localized Travel Experiences: While travel resolutions are 19% less prevalent in the Midwest, businesses can market region-specific travel experiences, allowing Midwesterners to explore and appreciate their local surroundings.

Strategies for the Northeast: Balancing Environmental Responsibility and Relationships

The Northeast, with its vibrant cities and picturesque landscapes, offers opportunities for businesses to tap into sustainability and interpersonal connections:

  • Sustainability-Focused Products: With a 14% higher prevalence of “green” resolutions, brands can market sustainable and eco-friendly products that align with the region’s values.
  • Promote Family and Friend Gatherings: Given the 7% higher prevalence of resolutions to spend more time with loved ones, marketers can emphasize products or services that facilitate gatherings with loved ones.

Strategies for the Southeast: Prioritizing Health and Career Aspirations

The Southeast, renowned for its warm hospitality and vibrant culture, presents opportunities for businesses to align with health and career-focused aspirations:

  • Health and Wellness Products: Given the 12% higher prevalence of resolutions related to quitting or reducing smoking or drinking, brands can win by providing support and encouragement for health and wellness initiatives.
  • Career Development Initiatives: With a 9% higher prevalence of resolutions focused on looking for a new job, businesses can cater to career aspirations by offering job-related services or professional development opportunities.
  • Adaptable Eco-Friendly Campaigns: Recognizing the 16% lower prevalence of environmentally friendly resolutions, businesses can adopt adaptable eco-friendly campaigns that resonate with the Southeast’s unique environmental priorities.


By tailoring marketing strategies to align with the aspirations and values of each region, brands can create more authentic and resonant campaigns, fostering stronger connections with their target audiences. As we embrace the opportunities of a new year, let’s celebrate the diversity of resolutions and the potential for brands to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals across the nation.

If you’re interested in learning more about your specific audience’s new years resolutions, we can help. Looking to target those with a specific resolution, we can help with that too. Contact us for more information.