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Supercharging Your LinkedIn Strategy

Great place to connect professionally. Yes.

Incredible sales potential and targeting abilities. Yes.

Overwhelming spammy InMail and invites to connect. Ok, that too…but hear me out…

LinkedIn isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it is growing by three new members every second – and it should come as no surprise that it has more active CEOs and business leaders than any other platform. No social outlet has been able to cultivate the professional social world in this way.

Although it is best known as a job-seeking platform, it is important to recognize how vital it is for businesses as well.


LinkedIn is one of the first places potential hires go to learn more about your brand and your brand leadership. 

  • Is your LinkedIn page as optimized as your website? Be sure you are leveraging industry keywords, connecting with high-profile pages and are connected to relevant industry pages.  
  • Are your leaders positioning themselves as someone people want to work for? Consider a content calendar for key leadership leveraging a blend of personal and industry-related content.  


This channel is a must for any lead nurturing, especially for B2B, SaaS or any industry with a heavy sales focus.  

  • Is your sales team optimizing their lead list and nurturing? Sales Navigator can help you more easily identify and connect with targets – even down to specific roles. It can also allow you to organize lists and monitor organizational updates at a glance.  
  • Are the profiles for your sales team optimized? Make sure their headshot, cover image and headline are all connected to your industry in some way. Consider allowing sales team members to ask key clients to write them a recommendation.  



LinkedIn’s professional, industry and job title ad targeting also make this channel an advertiser’s dream.  

  • Do you have a specific industry or job function/title that you think should know about your brand? LinkedIn is a premier B2B and even B2C digital targeting channel because of its ability to hyper-target by role. It has also expanded its InMail and in-feed opportunities.  
  • Is LinkedIn only good for targeting an older audience? Absolutely not. All demos are well-represented across this platform. Even younger generations are drawn to the outlet’s diverse content and its ability to be more of a troll-free social space. 



The influencer network is more than YouTube and TikTok. There are many credible influencers on LinkedIn across industries.  

  • Have you explored partnering with a LinkedIn influencer? It all starts with finding the right person to represent your brand or industry. Here are some tips on where to start. After that, make sure you have an influencer brief and brand toolkit ready.  
  • Could you or a member of your leadership team become an influencer? Here’s a look at what it takes including a stellar profile, a growing network and the ability to generate meaningful content.  



Last but certainly not least – how is your profile? Be sure your profile is set to public, ensure you have your profile foundation complete with a cover photo and captivating headline and then – ensure you are creating or sharing content that is chock-full of keywords. 


Let’s connect. Does your team need a LinkedIn tune-up? Email us to start planning a workshop.