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How Do You Inspire Creativity and Passion?

ChappellRoberts is looking forward with five new and simple guiding principles. We recently held activation workshops with our staff so the whole team could understand how we can relate to and live by these guiding principles every day, both internally with our colleagues and externally for our clients. It was inspiring and exciting to hear our employees talk about how they could be ambassadors for each of these new values.

We all picked one guiding principle to share that was important to our role and talked about how we could bring it to life in our day to day jobs. As controller, “Be creative, have passion” was probably the least obvious value for me to pick. However, I realized how important it is for all of us to live these values every single day, no matter what our title is. Although the majority of my role involves financials and human resources, it’s still important for me to be creative and have passion. We will be most successful as an agency if I am creative with new ways of operating and reporting. Our talent is our product, so I am always filled with excitement to help our team members grow and flourish in our environment. From our notorious over-the-top themed baby showers to fall college football tailgates, I love having this outlet for creativity and passion.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing how more of our team members live by our other guiding principles in their roles. I also encourage you to think about your professional or personal guiding principles and how you can activate them in your daily life as well!