Create Magic Create Magic

Capturing the spirit of community. 

As an established Newland® community with an expansion of new home styles, Waterset faced increased sales goals and new competition in the area. To set itself apart from the sea of white picket fences, we created “Magic Moments,” a campaign that emphasized the community’s enchanting lifestyle fueled by the vibrant amenities and friendly families living there. This fully integrated campaign captured real residents in the photography, combined with stylized visual elements that expressed light and joy, inviting home shoppers to own their magic.

Feel the Friendship - Photo of man and woman holding a dog
Image of Waterset-branded pocket folder with inserts
Feel the Adventure - Photo of a young boy and girl playing outside in a cardboard box
Collage of various Waterset Digital Display ads
Collage of various Waterset Digital Display ads
Feel the Love - Photo of a grandmother baking in the kitchen with her daughter and granddaughter
Image of Waterset-branded social media carousel
Photo of Waterset-branded luggage tags
Feel the Magic - Photo of a senior couple enjoying drinks and watching the sunset

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Photo of a man jumping away from an exploding barbecue grill
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