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Bringing humor to the healthcare market.

Three things remain certain in life: death, taxes and… eyesight that’s just not as good as it used to be. Readers, contact lenses, and enlarged cell phone text are an inevitable part of adulthood – until now.

Kaufman Eye Center tapped ChappellRoberts to bring their Lasik surgical solutions to the world in a way that stops you in your tracks with delight, whether you’re seventy-nine or seven. The results are a TV spot and print ads – equal parts clever and comical. We developed “Laser Vision” to help Kaufman grab eyeballs and go against the expected, amid the sea of serious healthcare advertisements. This bold move attracted new audiences to their family-owned optometry and ophthalmology clinic. With humor as their compass, Kaufman has grasped the holiest of grails: a unique, memorable spot in their target audience’s gray matter.

Photo of Kaufman Eye Institute newspaper ad

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