Create Discoveries with USA Scientific Create Discoveries with USA Scientific

Beside Your Science, All Ways

When a brand’s identity and messaging don’t match the quality of its products or its goals in key growth markets, it’s time for change. USA Scientific chose ChappellRoberts after a nation-wide search to build an industry-leading brand to match their unrivaled products and service model.

Developed through our proprietary InsideandOut® branding process, we discovered key audience insights, competitive differentiators and organizational goals that proved USA Scientific helps their customers get down to science. Across the organization we unlocked the passionate story of essential simplicity that promises to unburden discovery during product development to product delivery.

Behind The Logo

The logo pays homage to the iconic science logos of the 1950s and 1960s and brings forward modern design approaches that speak to the new age of scientific discovery.

Pathways to Discovery: The intertwined paths within the logo symbolize the journeys taken in the pursuit of knowledge.

Mirrored Brilliance: The mirroring effect in our logo signifies reflection and creates associations with our tagline: “Side by Science.” It’s a visual metaphor that speaks to the commitment to collaborative innovation—because science thrives through shared insights.

USA Scientific package design boxes

Decoding The Design System

Born from the logo is a key element used to visually reinforce the “Side by Science” positioning. The Spotlight is a responsive visual element that can scale up to highlight information and collapse down to create a unique pattern reminiscent of DNA Sequencing. Activated by motion and assorted sizes, The Spotlight comes to life in a color palette that evokes trust, mindfulness and inspired connections. As customers engage with brand communications, the monospaced and sans serif font pairings were selected to create a subconscious connection that underpins scientific research.

Catalogue spread designs for USA Scientific
Front and back side of USA Scientific business cards
USA Scientific branded roll of tape
USA Scientific branded tote bag and golf shirt
USA Scientific keychain with tagline Side by Science

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