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What if lifting individuals out of hardship today built equitable futures for generations to come?

This reach exists with United Way Suncoast, thanks to its 100-year history and deep industry knowledge. While the organization’s deep history gives them immeasurable value, the overall brand was behind pace for the new generation of donors. Most people recognized the brand name but didn’t know the mission behind it. We needed a radiant, strategically rooted brand identity that showed how United Way dismantles disadvantage and lights the path towards full potential.

So, we created Freedom to Rise – a brand foundation and launch campaign that connects a new wave of advocates with the chance to help individuals rise up– in their families, in their careers, and in their lives. The brand’s design system is built with radiating shapes inspired by the Suncoast region and reinforces the positive momentum of volunteers, donors and partners for generations to come. Bold typography compliments the colorful array of design elements to highlight brand language for the Freedom to Rise brand platform. Our concepts explored a wide range of applications to leverage as symbols of pride across the communities they serve including a mural activation that local artist Saint Paint Arts created in downtown St. Pete. Ultimately, we built a brand for the next 100 years that will impact millions.

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