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Shifting Emotions into Action.

Scared of the unknown, exhausted by medical treatments, fear of losing your loved one – all common barriers to calling upon hospice before the most critical moments. What if families could find resiliency in the togetherness of life’s last chapter? Tidewell Hospice needed to teach the world how their unique touch reignites families throughout the entire health journey – well before and beyond the passing of a loved one.

Our strategic approach was built on differentiating the Tidewell experience, which meant differentiating the way we captured people’s emotions. To show how Tidewell leads families to a life fulfilled, we leaned into a story so strong it didn’t even need a voiceover.

In the 30 and 60-second commercials, we brought the special relationship between a wife-caregiver and Tidewell social worker to life in an authentically stirring way. By deeply connecting with this untapped audience, we competitively positioned Tidewell to stand out in their industry. The campaign also played out across print, in a series of ads that showed how remarkably different the last chapter looks when in Tidewell’s care.

Tidewell Hospice Print Ad - Feel Like a Princess
Display Ads - Your Guide to a Life Shared. A Life Fulfilled.

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