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Changing perspectives. Progressing the industry.

Each year with DTCC’s Annual Report, we push the envelope of what these publications can achieve. Utilizing sophisticated design, we transformed grey literature into an interactive celebration of a global company’s work.

Through six months of careful planning and close collaboration, we experimented with the latest web design trends to package brand journalism into an intuitive online experience. Across every page and experience of the annual report, we told a story of progress, evolving not only the DTCC brand but also reimagining what an annual report could be for a company’s stakeholders.


“CR is an outstanding partner that brings a strategic perspective and creative ideas to our discussions and helps us continually raise the bar. Our collaboration is always focused on challenging ourselves and the status quo to develop new approaches to engage our audience and deliver increased business value.”
Craig Donner
DTCC Managing Director, Head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs

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