Create Inclusivity with Advent Health Create Inclusivity with Advent Health

Honor Sports, Health and Fandom

Across communities near and far, AdventHealth inspires people to take charge of their well-being. Through sports partnerships with professional teams that have international reach, AdventHealth amplifies this message to fans and spectators in a context where feats of athleticism are celebrated. Teaming up with the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Buccaneers and local adaptive sports champions, the Strong Dogs, enables AdventHealth to reach new audiences and cultivate brand affinity within these respective sports communities.

After an incredible year of sportsmanship and equity in the athletics industry, with teams winning national championships and the Buccaneers hiring female coaches, we crafted a message that complemented AdventHealth’s existing brand campaign while reflecting on the current sports climate. Recognized by both the Hermes and Telly Awards, through “Everybody’s Game,” we told a story centered on inclusivity, reminding viewers that sports are for everyone.

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