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Why Marketers Should Harmonize Digital and Traditional Media Strategies

From the changing landscape to evolving algorithms and ad units, marketers have a lot to consider when defining a campaign media mix. Even as CMOs report increased digital ad spending of 14.5%, traditional media will still represent 57% of all ad buys this year. Despite the constant headlines of digital growth and traditional media decline, these platforms can – and should – live in strategy harmony to move a brand. Here are the top three considerations when balancing your digital and traditional ad spend budgets.

1) Do your homework and understand your audiences.

Don’t assume different generational groups only engage with specific mediums. Not all Gen Z’ers prefer digital outlets and not all Boomers prefer print media. Did you know 59% of baby boomers shop digitally? Agencies access different research tools and digital publications such as Nielsen Scarborough Local Market Research and eMarketer to uncover these audience insights and map media strategies. Don’t succumb to the “focus group of one” mentality. Just because you or your friends like a channel doesn’t mean your entire target audience feels the same.

2) Ditch the media silos and collaborate.

With countless content channels to consider for a media mix, many marketing departments – and even agencies – segment media buying and planning by channels such as social, digital, broadcast, print and so on. The result – a fragmented media buy that doesn’t support the bigger picture. At ChappellRoberts our traditional and digital buyers work together from the start. While their planning process differs, all experts are at the table to define the broader strategy. It doesn’t stop there. Beyond the initial strategy alignment, channel teams must regroup, review and assess the holistic plan – and creative – to ensure it will deliver on the KPIs.

3) Find the right place and the right time for the right action.

Paid media is often a significant investment for a brand. So, it’s vital that paid media strategies meet your audience(s) when and where they are open to your message. Or at least create the awareness that will move audiences toward that point. Aligning traditional and digital teams around clear campaign objectives is essential. Hyper-focused targeting through one medium won’t effectively reach your audience. Ultimately, a strategic media mix that aligns with audience behavior will lead you toward your goals.

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