Image of Streamsong logo wooden fixture

What Legacy Will Your Brand Create?

Rolling hills as far as the eye could see, unlike anything in Florida.
The humming of wind floating through the trees.
The soft ripple from fish dancing in the lake.
Nature’s orchestra.

When we helped build the Streamsong brand in 2011, it had to uniquely connect visitors to this natural beauty.

And after I spent some time on a personal retreat to Streamsong, I can confirm – it has. Even after all this time, the identity is singing loudly, is recognized by many, and is clearly resonating with audiences across the globe.

How It Started – Summer 2011 – 2012 – The Vision

Is it possible to create a brand that speaks to audiences of nearly all ages – from the avid golfer to the most luxe spa enthusiast? Let me take you back a bit – well, quite a bit.

The land inspired us all. Even before any development began, we could see how this space would become a place people would visit for some of the best golf in the United States – and maybe even the world. But, it had to be authentic and compelling.

I distinctly remember seeing the sketches as an assistant account executive and listening to the strategy. I can still almost feel the excitement, the pure gratitude that I was able to be a part of this process so early in my career. Charettes, brainstorms, media relations. The vision was communicated, the excitement was contagious, and the storytelling really began.

The identity was born – influenced by the wildlife and stunning curvature of the land.
The Streamsong logo reflects a distinctive brand promise that provides guests with a complete immersion experience centered in growth and renewal. The treble note frame, connected to natural elements conveys the unique relationship between this luxury resort and its respect for the land.

Hats featuring Streamsong Resort logo
Coffee travelers featuring Streamsong Resort logo

How It’s Going – Summer 2021 – The Pride

After the resort opened in 2013, we started seeing the logo around town. Then, it began making golf headlines internationally. Then, we began seeing it recognized as a luxury staple in Florida.

A decade has gone by since we worked on the Streamsong identity, and by chance, I had the opportunity to visit with friends and family. I got to stay as a visitor and really experience all of the things we envisioned more than a decade ago. We went through many exercises discussing how the identity would connect with audiences from a golf enthusiast all the way to someone visiting for the luxury spa (me). And it did. Beautifully. Everywhere you turned, the logo was alive. From merchandise to epic wall installations, it is embraced, and a part of this Florida destination.

Even above the world-class architecture, luxe rooms, and the incredible dining experiences, the natural surroundings were still the crown jewel of the resort. When many think of Florida they think of sandy beaches, but this resort shows the other side of Florida full of lush foliage and a calmer lake life. Through experiences like walking the unique topography while golfing, or fishing in the lake, all the way to more passively sitting poolside listening to the birds, the experience, like the identity, is still in complete harmony with nature.

Golf carts riding around Streamsong Resort