Super Bowl Valentine's Day graphic

We’re Giving Our Valentine’s Day Hearts to These Super Bowl Commercials

Best celebrity feature. Most likely to make you cry. Best use of a TikTok dance. Most likely to make you say, “what the”? Here’s the Super Bowl Commercials that captured our hearts.     

Love at First Fright | The Best Couple: Lays with Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd

We couldn’t have thought of a better duo ourselves. Rogen and Rudd’s hilarious adventures made us want to tear open a bag of Lay’s and watch Anchorman.

You’re a Snack | Best Food Brand: PringlesSuper Bowl Graphic Pringles

Here’s a snack that understands our pain points but knows we’ll always keep coming back for more. Goodbye cylinder of shame, hello mustached tube of honor – we shall wear you with pride.  

You Read My Mind | Most Relatable: Amazon AlexaSuper Bowl graphic Alexa

As the most-viewed Super Bowl LVI commercial on YouTube on game day, the world was clearly picking up what Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost were putting down.

You Rev My Engine | Best Car Commercial: BMWSuper Bowl Graphic BMW

Who better to jolt the sales of BMW’s new electric car than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Selma Hayek as Zeus and Hera? Truthfully, baby Pegasus stole our hearts.  

You’ve Got Style | Best Hairdo: Bud Light Seltzer Super Bowl Graphic Bud Light

Fact: Guy Fieri is the Mayor of Flavor Town. Naturally, he took the throne to stylishly rule the mythical “Land of the Loud Flavors” in this imaginative seltzer ad.  

That’s Music to My Heart | Best Song Remix: Uber Eats  Super Bowl Graphic Uber

Using a remix of Tik Tok’s infamous “Oh No!” sound effect and a few incredible celeb faces, Uber Eats highlighted the expansion of their non-food delivery offerings. A comical reminder not to munch on aluminum foil and kitty litter.  

Talk Weird to Me | The Weirdest: Irish SpringSuper Bowl Graphic Irish

We don’t know how he got there, and we don’t know if he’ll ever make it out– but at least he smells great.  

Heartstrings Attached | Most Emotional: ToyotaSuper Bowl Graphic Toyota

Toyota shared the heart-warming, inspirational journey of Candian brothers, Brian and Robin McKeever. After Brian lost his eyesight at age 19, Robin guided him, and they went on to compete in the Paralympic Winter Games. We’re crying, are you crying?  

You’re Unforgettable | Most Memorable: Coinbase Super Bowl Graphic Coinbase

Coinbase’s bouncing, neon QR Code may have been the cleverest clickbait ad we’ve seen this Super Bowl. While it lacked profoundness, it certainly elicited a reaction! We commend the few that made it through without scanning.  

You’re My Queen of Self Love | Best Glow-Up: Planet FitnessSuper Bowl Graphic Planet Fitness

Lindsay Lohan made her comeback by mocking her wild past and putting her best foot forward with Planet Fitness. Where do we sign up?

Agency Heartthrob | Our Overall Favorite: Amazon Alexa

Our most favored heart medallion goes to… Amazon’s Alexa commercial!