Sweating Through Covid

Sweating Through Covid

While we miss our co-workers and all our favorite Ybor restaurants, we don’t miss the 100 pounds (seriously, 100 cumulative pounds!) our agency has lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. 5,158 miles of bike rides, runs, and walks have made our team feel happier and healthier in a stressful and uncertain time.

Six months ago, we started working remotely and 40% of us had children at home as well. It sort of put me in a state of shock. For over a decade, I’ve gone into the office every single day and working from home has never been my preference. Especially with a 1-year-old and 3-year-old at home who were missing their school routine and friends, too. It was a lot. At one point very early on, they were both screaming, and my husband was trying to take a work call. I strapped them in the stroller and took off. My only destination was to get rid of the stress and anxiety that only two days in a pandemic lockdown had caused. A couple blocks in and I had my stride, my kids were happy, and I felt instantly better. That’s when I knew some good could come out of this after all.

Although our agency already had remote capabilities and benefits, it was a transition for us to be fully remote for an extended period of time. I think everyone was in their own state of shock for different reasons. But we all knew that eating right, getting physical activity, adequate rest and taking care of our mental health would help make us more resilient during COVID-19 and bring us back together in the future.

So, our team did what we do best – pivoted and embraced change. With an average savings of over an hour a day in round trip commuting time and increased flexibility of schedules, employees are benefitting from this new way of life. A 15-minute Zoom meeting allows some to get in a mile walk around their neighborhood. Lunch hours consist of a bike ride or a virtual workout class. Heck, some do 10 sit-ups in between every meeting (makes for some killer abs!) We’re doing things that we can’t do in our office building or attire.

The best part of it all? Our agency hasn’t missed a beat. Thanks to our amazing IT partners, we’ve continued to thrive, provide exceptional service to our clients, and collaborate with our teammates. We’ve created time to be more physically active without sacrificing something else important. So while our social lives, hairstyles, and clear divider from work and home may have taken a bit of a hit, healthier lifestyles win the pandemic.

We know this won’t last forever, and this too shall pass. We will continue to make the most of these times and we hope you will too. CR challenges you to find a physical activity that keeps you motivated and happy. Fall is upon us. Take advantage of the cooler weather and make these crazy and precedented circumstances your gain (or perhaps it’s more accurate to say, your loss!)