Ben Stiller in the Pepsi Super Bowl 57 commercial.

Super Bowl LVII: Hot Takes on 2023’s Best Commercials

An epic match-up between the Chiefs and Eagles. A stellar halftime show with Rihanna and new sponsor Apple Music. A new batch of sensational ads from beloved brands.

This year’s Super Bowl LVII certainly delivered on all fronts. While many brands kept it relatively safe with humor-driven or heartstring-tugging spots, there were a few gems that stood out from the rest. Take a look at all of the commercials our team have been enamored with in the Big Game’s aftermath.


“There’s nothing like a sentimental dog commercial that we can all relate to when we have to leave our lonely and mischievous pets while we go to work. This one had the best plot twist ending when you think the dog will need to be in a crate all day when really it was to bring him home another dog friend!”
—Andrea Pejack, Junior Art Director


“I’m a huge fan of Steve Martin. Not a huge fan of Pepsi. But the two of them together for a Super Bowl spot gave me a great laugh (or was I just acting?) and caught my attention. While many TV spots to sell products bombard you with proof points, this spot used a fun comedic approach and challenge to hook its audience — you’ll just have to try it for yourself.”
—Lauren Buhrman, Brand Manager


“Tubi hit the mark this year with a two-fold strategy. They had the weird factor with “rabbit hole” spot that had me wondering, “why is this creepy rabbit stealing people.” Then they had the extremely relatable spot where it had everyone in the room literally asking “who is on the remote” which is precisely what they wanted us to do! Both spots evoked curiosity which ultimately made them memorable to me.”
—Morgan Baruth, Associate Digital Media Director

“The pandemonium that the Tubi spot caused at our Super Bowl party was my favorite moment of the night. We all genuinely thought someone was changing the channel.”
—Shane Alesi, Brand Manager


“Dunkin’ Donuts pulled out all the stops on this one! There’s nothing better than authentic advertising, and Dunkin’ took it to the next level with the playful Ben Affleck manning the drive-through window, slinging coffee. While some surprised customers grabbed selfies and others bewilderedly stared, one man in need of serious caffeine did not recognize the star. “Do I look familiar,” Affleck joked. “No,” the man said plainly.

His candid banter was refreshing and hilarious, but best of all was the iconic end appearance when his spouse, J Lo rolled up to the register. The commercial ends with the most relatable line of all time, “Grab me a glazed.” Advertising goal accomplish – I started my morning with Dunkin’ and while there was no star-sighting, the crisp iced coffee went down with a laugh.”
—Weston Hucknall, Brand Coordinator


“The Farmer’s Dog Superbowl commercial pulled at my heart and pocket-strings. The concept was a beautiful tribute to the unconditional love our pets provide and a testament to the power of emotion in marketing. I’m sure the spot will fetch the company many new dog-loving customers.”
—Olivia Taaffe, Brand Manager


“Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are together again in their infamous trailer… This time, cooking up PopCorners snacks! Finally, they’ve manufactured something I can actually try!”
—Stephanie Martinez, Accounting Specialist


“Super Bowl LVII felt like “The Year of the Musical Spot” with Old Spice, Experian and all opting for the format. But this year, I thought T-Mobile’s Grease-inspired throwback featuring John Travolta, Zach Braff and Donald Faison reigned supreme. The “Summer Nights” parody is instantly both recognizable and memorable, with plenty of humor sprinkled in. Tell me more, tell me more!”
—Hunter Taylor, Senior Director of Brand Strategy

“I loved the T-Mobile commercial. As a Scrubs fan and someone that can appreciate Grease, that spoke right to me! It was funny and memorable and used talent that resonates well with A35+.”
—Jennifer Myer, Senior Media Buyer


In a year with so many new advertisers, e*Trade continues to find ways to give a fresh take to their beloved spokes-babies. Babies are a classic choice to capture the “aww” factor and nobody does baby Super Bowl ads like e*Trade. Plus, a tie-in to the brand is a personal must for any good spot and “so easy a baby can do it” goes without even saying at this point.
—Megan Federico, Senior Brand Manager


“Big shout out to Canada Crown Royal for bravely taking a swing at America in the middle of our big day, and informing us that everything we love – including football – is, in fact, Canadian. Also Dave Grohl.”
—Charlie Militello, Associate Creative Director


“My bargain-loving heart loved the spot for Rakuten that featured the cult classic movie, Clueless! I thought it was great to see Alicia Silverstone reprise her iconic role of Cher Horowitz and look so great doing so!”
—Melissa Reidy, Junior Media Buyer