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Super Bowl LIV Viewability and Advertising in 2020

It’s no surprise the media landscape constantly changes. But how do these changes affect Super Bowl LIV? Joining forces as digital and traditional media experts, we outlined a few trends you should know:

Commercial Space

Fox holds the coveted broadcast rights for Super Bowl LIV. Prompted by consumer feedback, the NFL and Fox launched a new commercial layout and reduced one commercial break per quarter.

For advertisers, this is both good and bad news. The change adjusts available inventory slots for sale. But it also decreases overall game time, a factor that helps make ads more memorable to viewers.

The same number of commercials will air, but the commercial breaks are fewer and longer. This shift reformats how viewers experience the game.

Media Rights

Did you know media rights provide the largest revenue stream for sports in North America? Growing 3-5% year-over-year, they permit the broadcast or streaming of an event or show.

That’s why companies like Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube compete for streaming rights. They can leverage their existing infrastructure and user base to help generate new revenue streams. Advertisers that incorporate internet-based streaming into their media mix can target niche audiences.


Ultimately, advertisers will remain platform agnostic. They’ll use traditional and internet-based TV to reach the right audience at the right time. Here are a few final media predictions for Super Bowl LIV:

1) Linear TV will continue to be the preferred viewing experience in 2020.

2) Due to the rise in mobile usage, linear OTT viewing will increase in popularity. Linear OTT refers to anyone who watches internet-delivered live TV via app or website.

3) Super Bowl ad revenue will continue to rise as advertisers leverage both streaming services and linear TV.

4) Political spend during the 2020 Super Bowl is inevitable. Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg are each expected to spend $10M.

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