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Looking Forward

Milestones provide a powerful opportunity to reflect and take stock in the path that brought us to today. They also have a way of helping us set our sights forward.

As ChappellRoberts celebrates its 40th anniversary, I remember the milestone that brought me here – our 25th agency anniversary. We were a very different agency in those days. I took a leap of faith leaving a successful and secure position with a Fortune 100 Company to join my mentor and dear friend Deanne Roberts. Our mission was clear – create a fully integrated agency that offers the best strategic and creative thinking in branding, advertising and marketing. My energy and focus toward this goal were seemingly endless because I truly believed that we could build something special – an advertising agency that made a difference in the lives of our team, clients and community.

Fueled by a love of this ever-changing industry, we’ve worked tirelessly to attract the best and brightest talent, develop proprietary products and services to measurably impact our clients’ bottom lines, and keep a keen focus on giving back.

There have been many challenges along the way that could have deterred us from reaching four decades of success. The list of challenges our agency has faced never defined us – it directed us. In our darkest and hardest of times, we never lost sight of our vision, always looking forward.
There have been many reasons for us to press on, such as landing big, well-known brands or guiding infant brands into thriving successes. We’ve celebrated innumerable milestones within our agency family – degrees, accreditations, industry appointments, leadership positions, promotions, new homes, and countless births and marriages. We’ve fueled our souls with the light that shined through all along the way – always pressing forward.

Our agency has grown four-fold, adding critical leadership positions to poise us for success. My joy continues to come from our incredibly talented and passionate team whom I learn from daily. It’s been a career honor to work side-by-side with our agency principals – Christine Turner, Scott Gattis, Katy Berry, and now, Matt Boswell. They are indisputably the most talented in the business, and they are our future. Keep your eyes on this powerhouse team and expect to hear many exciting announcements about their vision of success as we continue to look forward.

People may ask, what would I change along the way? The simple truth is – nothing. Every fail, loss, mistake and hardship is inextricably connected to a step forward, win, success or moment of growth.

ChappellRoberts has transformed into a powerhouse agency – a creative force – proud to represent some of the most coveted and beloved brands. As our industry rapidly evolves, we also evolve.
A milestone is an important time to ensure we’re evolving to meet the next generation of our industry. We’ve increased vacation and personal time off. We’ve established policies allowing our team more time to work from home or have parental leave. We’re investing more into the professional development of our team. We actively encourage our team to volunteer and give their talent back to the community on our time. We’re leveraging technology in new ways to strive for efficiency and balance in an industry known for burnout. Most importantly, we’ve taken stock in the values we live by. Our foundation was built upon a critical set of guiding principles, and our 40th anniversary was the perfect time to refresh those values:

  • Be honest, have integrity.
  • Be creative, have passion.
  • Be bold, have courage.
  • Be smart, have ideas.
  • Be real, have fun.

These five values inspire us to be the best – individually as well as collectively.

Through all the years leading this agency, there’s never been a day we didn’t thirst to be better for our clients and for ourselves. To many, 40 means “over the hill.” To us, 40 means we have just started the climb.

Join us as we look forward. Contact us at to learn more.