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How To Be Courageous in Advertising

I was so delighted and proud to receive the badge of courage from my co-worker in our weekly staff meeting this past week. Similar to the lion from Wizard of Oz (my absolute favorite movie growing up) who earned his badge of courage, employees can earn the ChappellRoberts badge of courage when fellow employees witness them living our guiding principle: “Be bold, have courage.”

As the newest Assistant Account Executive (AAE) at ChappellRoberts, I have to be bold and have courage to be successful in my role. Challenges are inevitable but the success of overcoming challenges is measured on how you approach them. I walk into the office every day eager to start working toward my goals, no matter how big or small they are (they are all huge opportunities for growth). But, in order to accomplish my goals, I have to be willing to be bold, take risks and have courage in myself.

As you’ve heard by now, ChappellRoberts is celebrating its 40th Anniversary! As the AAE on our CR projects, it’s my job to keep the projects actively moving through the agency and our creative process. We begin by meeting for a creative brainstorm, gather for internal reviews, be sure execution stays on track and finalize the projects through our approval process. So, you can only imagine how closely I work with each department in the agency. As that liaison, it takes a lot of courage to ensure all the correct steps are taken in the creative process to be successful and accomplish our goals.

Things happen when you least expect them. In no way did I think I would receive the “Be bold, have courage” award; especially from someone I worked long hours alongside on a few tough projects. But, it has only taught me how much I love being a part of a creative team that is so supportive and encouraging or one another. It’s truly inspiring.

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