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How honesty and integrity create a better work product

Be honest. Have integrity.

This guiding principle at ChappellRoberts embodies my entire role as a traffic coordinator.

What does a traffic position at an ad agency entail, you ask? Think of it as the oil in a modern machine. The many moving parts consist of the creative, account, and media departments. I work with each department to communicate and manage tasks, timelines, and estimates. A machine needs oil to run but cannot function without the support from all the other parts, too.

Hundreds of projects are in process at any given time throughout the agency. Our weekly client production meetings and detailed project schedules help us stay organized, but sometimes things change. Informing different departments of necessary schedule adjustments or unexpected edits can be intimidating.

Despite this feeling, I’ve worked hard to demonstrate my honesty and integrity to my colleagues. I know they understand these requests serve a purpose to elevate project outcomes. Meeting client deadlines and reaching successful outcomes require the utmost integrity and open communication.

Each day presents exciting challenges that test my position. These opportunities help improve my communication skills through honest dialogue. I am so grateful that ChappellRoberts incorporated these new guiding principles. I intend to practice them with my team daily so that we all work together like a balanced, determined and well-oiled machine.