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Do Super Bowl Ads Still Matter?

The Super Bowl is a unique time of year when ads take the center stage. I’ve certainly shushed people during the commercial breaks so I could enjoy the newest Budweiser spot.  However, in a political year; in a year when performers are unwilling to support the NFL with half-time performances; in a year when many brands may look to spend their money in other unique channels (because let’s be real – There. Are. So. Many. Channels.)  Does it make sense to invest in a singular Big Game spot?

Let’s look at this year’s numbers. Space for the 2020 game sold at a record high, with 30 seconds of airtime costing $5.6 Million. That hefty price tag didn’t stop brands from securing their slots. The spots for in-game ads still sold out before Thanksgiving.

Super Bowl ads have also taken on a second life outside of the game. Commercial previews are often released online like movie trailers. Pre-released spots rack up tens of millions of views before the actual night of the Super Bowl. On social media, brands are tweeting and engaging with fans throughout the night. News outlets spend the morning after the game debating the best and worst spots. Even viewership of the Super Bowl ads on YouTube increased 58 percent last year. When a Super Bowl commercial is done right, it has the chance of being talked about for years, or even decades, later. That fact has not changed.


All things considered, I have to say yes, the ads still matter today. Possibly more than they ever did before. Smart brands leverage the spot beyond that 30 seconds.  Smart brands invest in creative execution.  Smart brands leave a legacy.

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