ChappellRoberts leadership accept the Newland Partners in Placemaking award

Built to Last: Newland Picks ChappellRoberts for “Partners in Placemaking” Award

What does it mean to be named a Bob McLeod Partner in Placemaking award winner? It means we are a change-making partner – driving their business forward. It means strategic brand excellence, a laser focus on sales goals, and more fun collaborating than you could ever imagine. It means…

It means the world to us.

We pride ourselves on being an extension of our clients’ team. Our partnership with Newland is more than a decade in the making. We are passionate about their business, their success, their teams and the people they provide community to through their Master Planned Communities. Newland has been creating communities for over five decades with hundreds of amazing partners – it is really the greatest honor to be recognized with this prestigious award.

ChappellRoberts team members visit Sterling on the Lake by Newland

It means brand strategy creates results.

This award recognizes “…partnerships and relationships that helped create exceptional places and experiences where people connect, are inspired, and thrive.” That is the power of branding. We’ve partnered with six of their award-winning master-planned communities over the years from Tampa, Florida all the way up to Wilmington, North Carolina, and focused on those emotional connections to help connect them with home shoppers. Our results and numerous advertising awards have continuously shown that when you can clearly communicate a difference, audiences will respond.

A Waterset resident looks into the camera
Website for Sterling on the Lake by Newland
Marketing materials for Waterset by Newland
Behind the scenes at a Newland photoshoot
Billboard advertisement for Bexley by Newland

It means that true partners can do incredible things – including SELL.

We are in the weeds in every sales report, in every piece of shopper and buyer data. Their success is our success. Just telling the brand story isn’t enough – and we’ve worked day in and day out to develop strategic media buying solutions that move shoppers from click, to conversion to closed. By understanding community audience personas, behaviors, and content preferences, we’ve been able to consistently meet digital goals.