Sharpen Your Skills

Best Online Marketing Courses to Stay Sharp this Fall

In today’s world we can all learn almost anything online. Take advantage of building your professional development from wherever you’d like! Here are the top five online courses we can all benefit from:

Secret Sauce of Great Writing – Udemy

This course will give you all the tools you need to become a better writer. Shani Raja, former Wall Street Journal editor, will teach you how to hone your skills and harness your voice to stand out in your industry. Did we mention it’s free?

Total Length – 44 min.

Content Marketing Course – HubSpot

This certification course will transform you into a more strategic and consistent content marketer. Learn how to effectively map out content, utilize SEO, and keep your audience engaged. Also, free!

Total Length – 6.2 hours

Beginner Adobe Photoshop C6 Essentials – ALISON

Become fluent in Adobe Photoshop and revive your knowledge to create powerful graphic elements and beautifully edited photos. Upon completion of this free course, you have the option to download and share your certificate.

Total Length – 1.5-3 hours

LinkedIn for Business – HubSpot

LinkedIn has grown into a fundamental networking platform, and this free course will teach you how to access all its benefits. Enhance your professional development and personal brand by building a successful LinkedIn strategy, crafting ad campaigns, and gaining an organic following.

Total Length – 1.2 hours

Advanced Google Analytics – Google

This free certification will enable you to become a qualified web analyst for your company, better understand your SEO campaigns, and enhance the value of your website data to make a difference in your organization.

Total Length – 4-6 hours

Altogether, these courses would take about 18 hours to complete. In less than one day you can become the ultimate marketing genius.