ChappellRoberts' logo on a red background.

A Refresh. An Elevation. A True Reflection.

I love a new day – a fresh start.

That excitement of what hard work and some focus can deliver. And, today is even more special.

Today marks not just a new calendar day, but a new day for ChappellRoberts. We’ve got an exciting and inspired new brand identity. We’ve built a great new website that truly reflects our agency vibe. And, we’ve got a team that’s celebrating their passion and hard work in a year that has upended so much. And, all this feels damn good!

We arrive each day with a resolute passion to deliver the best work to our clients, and we do. More than 40 years in business and a great portfolio of smart and strategic clients is proof of that. But, for the last few months – in the middle of a shift to remote working, locking arms with clients to deliver work in this new environment and creating great new business opportunities – we also committed to a passionate pursuit of a refreshed brand identity for ourselves.

Create Change® has always been our mantra, but as we’ve grown – we’ve activated it at entirely new levels.

Our new brand identity revolves around the Thought Starter that showcases how we create positive change for brands by stimulating an open flow of ideas between clients and creatives. It’s refreshing. It’s exciting. It’s inspired. It’s an authentic reflection of the agency.

So, here’s to a new day. Here’s to Creating Change for bold brands for years to come.