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4 Ways to Perfect Your Content With Sarcasm. Really.

A lover of adjectives? Guilty of being too obscure? You and millions of other brands.

Credibility is formed by connecting with audiences, not over-complicating copy with proof points and unnecessary language. Here are a few key ways I use my sarcastic side when proofreading to gut-check brand content and copy.

As opposed to…? 

Is that adjective needed, or is it not necessary for the topic?

Example: The natural forest…

Sarcasm check: As opposed to the unnatural forest…?

The Department of Redundancy Department.

If you still call it the “ATM machine,” pay extra close attention.

Example: The housing market has evolved over time.

Sarcasm check: Oh, so it didn’t evolve over something else?

What the what do you want me to do?

Ambiguous CTA’s are the enemy of getting your audience to act.

Example: A CTA that reads “Yes! Yes!” on an already cluttered online banner ad.

Sarcasm check: So, you want me to stand up in this coffee shop and yell “Yes!”?

Trying too hard? Prove it!

Are you accidentally adding doubt?

Example: Our product is completely trustworthy…

Sarcasm check: Oh yeah, I’d believe anyone who says they’re completely trustworthy for no reason.