World Series Ads – Tight Match Up

Nothing tops the commercial breaks before during and after the Super Bowl for me. But luckily there are other events in a year that get some brands fired up. I was still riding an advertising high from the Summer Olympics when this historic World Series fell into my lap.

So the game is over – it’s 1 a.m. or so. It was amazing! Right when I’m starting to think about the time and the stacked day of meetings today – along came Nike. They never really disappoint. As AdWeek mentioned, the company’s spot was “lovely.” It was fine. It was sweet. However, to me, the young kid that couldn’t even begin to know the longing that some of these fans have felt coupled with the melodramatic, old sage longing of Willie Nelson just didn’t fire all cylinders.

Right on its heels is Budweiser – another brand I am eager to see (and drink occasionally, yet responsibly). They aired a tribute spot featuring Harry Caray that was so fun – even a non-Cubs fan like me can appreciate the sentimentality, the excitement and the “charm” of the spot. It was perfect. It knew today’s audience would love it just as much as the audience it was built for decades ago.

I give this one to Budweiser. What a game! What a series!

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