Why the New Star Wars Film Might Be the Greatest Yet

Few franchises have captured the imagination of the masses quite like Star Wars. But while the force was with the original trilogy, the Star Wars brand took a hit after the poorly received prequel trilogy was released. That’s what made the hype, buzz and expectations surrounding The Force Awakens all the more intense.

How did the new Star Wars live up? Two CR Jedi-in-training give their (spoiler-free) thoughts:

Charlie Militello, Senior Digital Art Director

IMG_8823Christmas came early this year. My face still hurts from smiling for two hours straight. From the opening fanfare and iconic text crawl to the final moment of the film, the Force Awakens far exceeded everything I hoped it would be. And that’s saying a lot.

I was skeptical about the original actors returning to reprise their roles from the original trilogy, but they were all brilliant – especially Harrison Ford. But Daisy Ridley steals the show and has surpassed Sigourney Weaver as my all-time favorite female movie hero.

I’m not sure I can wait another year and a half for Episode VIII.

Hunter Taylor, Account Executive

12376697_10153718961192180_8415338193774345478_nI binge-rewatched Episodes I through VI leading up to The Force Awakens premiere, so to say I was excited for the movie is a crass undersell. As I rewatched the movies, I fell in love again with the nostalgic original trilogy, but was reminded of everything I hated about the prequels. Sitting in the theater on opening night filled me with anxiety as I thought about how tragically this movie could fail.

But from the opening scene to the end credits, my eyes fixated on the silver screen in childish glee as I was mesmerized by the beautiful cinematography, enamored by the character progression and surprised by the witty humor and plot twists. Dare I say it, but The Force Awakens just might be my new favorite Star Wars film.

P.S. Now I really want a BB8 droid for Christmas…

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