Why Did I Decide To Run A Half-Marathon?

1. I’m into challenges, but not into crazy – hence half versus full.
2. As a new mom, training runs at 5 a.m. were my only “me” time.
3. Not a big fan of toenails.
4. Training for the zombie apocalypse.
5. I was bored with my Jillian Michaels DVD.


The truth is – I was having cocktails with some fellow moms at my daughter’s preschool, and we talked about wanting to do a half-marathon. We did nothing. Then the next time we got together for cocktails, we talked about doing a half marathon. This time, I decided I should probably do something or risk utter humiliation at the next cocktail hour. I printed a training plan off the web and found myself enjoying actual running as much as I had enjoyed talking about running – maybe even more so.

Sticking to the training plan helped too. The early morning runs allowed me to relax and not worry about missing special time with my kids. I felt healthier. I got into better shape. I had a great outlet for stress. I was inspired by sunrises, sunsets, songs and simple things I saw on those miles.

I finished the Gasparilla Half Marathon last weekend. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I will absolutely do another one – I love the idea of continuing to challenge myself. I don’t run against others – I compete against myself and I love that.

See you on Bayshore (or at the next mommy happy hour).

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