Where do advertisers stand in the face of media ratings tampering? A perspective from ChappellRoberts

How does Beasley Media Group’s confirmation that syndicated radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge was involved in Nielsen PPM (Portable People Meter) ratings tampering affect the Tampa Bay market?

-There are 1,274 PPM panelists in the Tampa metro that radio ratings are based on and after Nielsen’s quality assurance steps, have confirmed that “audience estimates were not affected in any of the markets and for that reason, no data reissue is necessary.”

-Nielsen delisted Beasley’s “Bubba 98.7” from September’s Tampa metro Radio Market Report for September 2015.

-What punishment will Bubba and WBRN receive? So far, Bubba has kept his job and returned to the air on Tuesday, October 6. Beasley has indicated that they would require Clem and his staff to undergo ratings compliance training but the biggest unforeseen “punishment” could come in the form of lost advertising dollars.

With the station and Bubba’s reputation on the line, the ripple effects of this incident will play out over the coming months, as we could see advertisers and sponsors shift their marketing dollars to other stations, personalities, or media. Only time will tell.

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