We worked it out… Literally.

– Time: The advertising industry sometimes brings longer hours, making it more difficult to uphold gym dedication.
– Office Food: This industry also includes too many tasty bistro snacks and leftover meeting munchies.
– Easier Said Than Done: It’s easier to come up with excuses on why losing weight is too hard to do, rather than just doing it.

Organically, some of our team started a post work, workout group. What started with a few people doing a quick exercise DVD in the large conference room has grown into a trend that has really made a difference for some of our team.

– Efficiency: It is so much easier to dedicate 30 minutes to exercise when you know you don’t have to drive anywhere, and you can hop back to your desk to answer any urgent emails.
– Team bonding: Nothing says respect like grunting together over office burpees.
– Cost: We bring in at-home workout DVDs and many of us haven’t needed our gym memberships anymore – huge cost savings!
– Change: Switching workout routines is proven to elevate results – with DVD trades, we have dozens of different workouts at our fingertips.

– Furniture: We may not be ballerina graceful, so we’ve learned to move the furniture.
– Looking rough: If you have an office crush, you may not want them to see you sweatin’ bullets–that’s up to you.
– Profanity: Bring your ear muffs if you are easily offended, things can get rough when you’re doing mountain climbers.

Clear the room, bring some music and have a blast. You can thank me after you drop those holiday pounds!


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