We Will Not Be Afraid: #OrlandoSTRONG

HT tshirt

Do you have a safe place? A place free from judgement or fear?

LGBTQ people have long flocked to gay bars and clubs for that reason – for a place to be ourselves, to not be the odd person out and to feel safe.

That feeling of safety was taken along with the 50 people who were murdered at Pulse in Orlando. And in an instance, my community all felt the same thing:

“That could have been me.”

At a time when it would be easier to be afraid and to hide — BE FEARLESS. Show your true colors. Show them they can’t break us. They can’t take away the beauty, wonder and fierceness that we are. Whether we’re gay, straight, black, white, Christian or Muslim.

I designed this T-shirt to show my support and solidarity for Orlando and to wear at the St. Pete Pride festival on June 25. I’m sharing this T-shirt with anyone who’d like it, and all proceeds will go to the Pulse Victims Go Fund Me campaign.

You can buy the T-shirt here:

Alternatively, you can donate directly to the Go Fund Me campaign here:

Now is the time for us to stand together. We won’t be consumed by fear. We won’t be afraid to be the beautiful people we were meant to be.

Hunter Taylor
Proudly Gay Man & Fellow Human Being

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