Triple Peanut State of Mind


Last January, I was thirsting for inspiration. Like so many, I wanted to start the year off with a sense of optimism for the New Year ahead. I began to search for my personal mantra for 2013. What could I rally around to be inspired beyond just a day or even a few weeks?

My first sighting was at a Tampa Bay Lightning game. As I was watching the action working my way through a bag of peanuts, I found my first triple peanut! What, you ask, is a triple peanut? It’s the rare peanut you find that instead of two nuts there are three. Perfectly snuggled into a single shell, they are rare – special. If you find one and believe they are lucky, you get the same feeling as being a kid and finding the prize in a Cracker Jack box.

The moment I opened up my first triple peanut, I exclaimed to my husband (and then told everyone I knew) that this is my lucky year. It’s my “triple peanut” year. At that moment, I convinced myself that this year would be filled with luck. Mind you, I had nothing to show for this pure confidence other than an extra peanut in a shell. But, I decided that I was going to have a lucky year.

triple-peanut-grid 2013Anyone who knows me, knows that this is my “triple peanut year” – my lucky year. I’ve found at total of six – count ‘em – six triple peanuts this year! This summer, I was on our boat, opened up a bag of peanuts and found TWO triple peanuts. Every time I found one, I acted like I won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. I sent text messages, shared photos of them on Facebook and talked about them with friends.

As I close out 2013 and reflect back on everything that’s happened this year, I clearly see the symbolic power of a triple peanut.  I didn’t win the lottery this year; rather, I won a full year of positive thinking.  I gained a belief that great things could happen every day. Even when things didn’t go well, I told myself that it’s my triple peanut year and found a priceless gift – a change in perspective.

Wonderful things seemed to happen over and over again. The reality is that I decided that this was my lucky year. My enthusiasm for a triple peanut was just a way for me to keep my head focused on the positive in life.

As we all get ready for the clock to tick into another year, how will you keep your positive focus on achieving great things? Believe it or not, It can be as easy as a triple peanut state of mind!

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