Top 5 Transformations with the CR Renovation & How it’s Changing the Way We Work

It seems like everyone who knows ChappellRoberts is in the know about our recent office renovation, and as a self-proclaimed interior design enthusiast, I want to shout from the rooftops how awesome it has turned out! And it’s changing the way we work and collaborate on a daily basis.

A really cool interior architect, Clive Wilkinson, who’s designed interior spaces for companies like Google, Disney, and FIDM spoke at a conference I attended a few years ago and came to mind with this renovation. He referred to offices as “theatres for work” and stressed the importance of considering the hour by hour day in the life of an employee; visualizing the experience for every step of the day and finding ways to keep that routine exciting. It’s a mindset our renovation team certainly deliberated, and we love it! It’s not adding a shiny surface for the sake of adding something shiny. The whole space has been strategically lifted to enhance the work product we create, and we’re already witnessing culture changes in this first month back!

I’ve rounded up below the top transformations that have made the biggest impact:

1) Bringing the Ybor Brick in

As many of you know, ChappellRoberts has been stationed in Ybor for more than 12 years, and we were so excited from a visual perspective to bring some of the iconic Ybor brick inside the building. It’s been added to the front lobby area, Colleen’s office and the entire back wall of our office interior. It brings a connection and pays a little homage to the creative, eclectic neighborhood our office calls home. It’s one of the most impactful stylistic choices of the renovation and we are totally in love with it!

2) The Cubicles

The new cubicles might as well be a brand new Lamborghini parked in the center of our office and they’re probably even a bit more stylish. While the front of our office in our centro Ybor location has always been sleek from the start, the 60+ inch high gray fabric cubicles in the main work area were a bit of an eyesore comparatively. The first impression when we all saw the reveal with the lower and more minimalist cubicles is that the space looks MUCH bigger. Sightlines are everything!

Before our move, Colleen was also an advocate for “Purge, baby, purge!” issuing hot mess citations left and right before the big move out. Ditching our old furniture became a fun exercise for eliminating anything non-essential to our tasks. In our new space, we’re noticing less printer activity and less piles of paper on desks.

3) Refined Colors & Lighting

Our renovation included new paint on every single wall of the office with some carefully selected new colors that we’re loving! We of course kept some fun pops of ChappellRoberts Red, and it feels true to our brand and feels good to work within.

We also brought in new LED dimmable lights throughout which helps our eyes out, especially for folks working from one computer screen all day.

4) Reimagined Mini-Meeting Spaces

As an ad agency, collaboration is a critical component to the work we do every day. If you’ve ever visited our previous space on a bustling afternoon filled with deadlines, it was not uncommon to see four or five people sitting on the floor outside of a cubicle, standing on top of our desks to talk/shout to someone over the top of the cubes like monkeys in a jungle gym. In our new space today, we traded heavy weight community filing cabinets for several open, pop-up collaborative spaces that are perfect for our work flow. Many of the individual offices got face lifts in addition for increased functionality. Without adding any square footage, we now have more options for meeting space that are being completely embraced by every department in our office.

5) The Bistro

Many at CR would agree that the bistro a.k.a. our kitchen/breakroom is the unexpected jewel of the renovation. The hand painted cement tile floor, barn door pantry and marble countertops bring a “Pinterest” contemporary quality to the space. It’s almost as if Colleen and the stakeholders took a heat map of the rooms the employees most use, and the bistro is certainly at the top of the list. Instead of eating at their desks or going outside for lunch, I’ve watched groups of employees forming to eat in the new space since the renovation. Our break room now literally feels like a breath of fresh air.

From the moment you walk through the door, to the meetings entered throughout the day, the renovation has created a vibe in our space that’s an undeniable transformation. In a space that we often spend more time in than our own homes, it’s an investment in our productivity and attitude everyone at CR is appreciating.

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