Top 10 things I learned at my ChappellRoberts summer internship

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to intern at ChappellRoberts.  Here are the 10 invaluable things I learned at my internship.

1. Coffee is a need not a want.
I averaged three a day. The ChappellRoberts average is likely in the double digits. This helps to keep the agency communication stimulating well into the afternoon!

2. ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS – the answers sometimes surprised me, and I definitely learned so much more from follow-up questions! Pretending to understand is preparing to fail.

3. Listen! Growing up I heard this a lot from my mom, but I don’t think I realized how important it was to listen to people in the work environment until this internship. Listen to coworker’s tips, hints, and ideas because they might not only give you some of your own, but they also come in handy! Plus, everyone likes a good listener!

4. Get out of your cubicle and say hello. It is extremely important to form relationships with those in the agency. Not only did they answer my questions, but we also had a great time outside of the office! Not to mention they are invaluable resources to have when moving forward in your career path.

5. I found a new BFF in sticky notes.
I powered through these helpful little pads throughout my internship; moral of the story – I now buy in bulk.

6. Your ideas are valuable, so share them. People were much more interested in my ideas than I thought they would be. In fact, some of my ideas helped contribute to bigger ideas that were put to work!

7. Slow down and do your research. I found that the more knowledgeable I was on a certain topic, the better the chances were that I could persuade audiences to join my cause.

8. Take a break. Lunch breaks are good and actually quite useful. Sometimes my vision was foggy, my deadline was quickly approaching and I was just stuck. On those days, even though I wanted to power through a project, I needed some air and to stretch my legs. When I got back, I was more efficient, had new ideas and was able to complete the project to the best of my abilities.

9. Emails are a lifeline.
Staying on top of emails in the workplace is essential. If I didn’t check my emails at least every hour, I would have definitely missed something important … and I don’t mean Grandma’s forward!

10. Criticism is good. I used to dislike it, but constructive criticism, in addition to words of praise, is a great way to learn. After all, how can we learn without making some mistakes? Everyone messes up, so just take the good with the bad and learn from it! I’ve heard that every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Go for it.

  • Don

    Internships can be a great way to learn. I began my career as a Media Planner and Buyer with my internship the summer after I graduated Ball State.

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