Through the Eyes of an Intern

In many of my graduate business classes, my professors constantly challenge my fellow students and me with projects and assignments based on real life issues and companies. Most of these assignments involve coming up with recommendations that may solve a plethora of challenges that businesses face over the course of time. While these assignments help us apply concepts learned in the classroom, there are some aspects of marketing you do not have the opportunity to learn about until you’re in the real world. Luckily, as a summer intern at CR, I have the opportunity to learn and experience what it is really like to work for an ad agency.

Last week, I attended my first video shoot at Waterset located in Apollo Beach. Buzzing with excitement, I made the 45 minute drive to the community ready to see what really happens on set.

Up to this point, I had only seen pictures of the various Newland Communities and was interested in seeing them in person. When I first pulled into Waterset, I was immediately captivated by the beauty that surrounded me. Wide streets, ample walking paths, and an eccentric-looking building set by a lake (later I was informed this building was called The Landing) exceeded my expectations.

After a little “detour,” I was instantly overwhelmed by all of the moving parts necessary to make the shoot happen–the creative team was setting up the equipment, behind the scenes pictures were being taken, Laura (the Senior Account Executive) was showing me the questions that the homeowners would be asked, and CEO, Colleen, was onsite with the client. With everyone moving in different directions, it was hard for me to find a spot where I would not be in the way. Once the interviews were underway, I eventually settled in and was able to take in the process.

There were six interviews scheduled for the day but I was only able to stay for three. While observing, some aspects really stood out to me:

-Preparation: The amount of time and effort it takes for everything to come together is astonishing. On the day of the shoot, the CR team had arrived at least 2 hours before the interviews to make sure everything was set up correctly. Prior to the actual day of shooting, the team spent weeks leading up to this moment.

-Problems: No matter how prepared you are initially, problems seem to always occur. There were a few times where the camera ran out of power, someone’s phone went off or people were unexpectedly touring the house. Luckily, everyone on site had prior experience and was ready for any and all situations. As the problems occurred, people moved quickly and calmly to resolve them.

– Interviews: While each interview followed the same format in terms of questions, the order in which they were asked and how they were asked depended mostly on the interviewees. While I was watching, the interviews reminded me of a focus group I had to do for a class project. Laura had a script but she made the interview feel like a friendly conversation. Through this more natural conversation, we were able to learn more about Waterset.

– The Residents: Without their participation, none of the production would’ve been possible. Of the interviews I was able to sit in on, it was clear that the residents are truly happy to be a part of Waterset. Each family’s story was different, but a main theme was the sense of community amongst the neighbors. Everyone is friendly and willing to help whenever someone is in need.

Overall, this was an eye-opening experience, especially since it was only my third day on the job! I cannot wait to see how the final videos turn out and I look forward to learning even more from ChappellRoberts!

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