The Fuse is Lit – Siege the Day

There are only 32 teams in the NFL. Right now there are 32 agencies preparing for the 2016 season campaign launch and ChappellRoberts is among that prestigious group. As the players train, we toil on every detail. The coaches plan as we implement strategy.

This year we are riding the powerful wave of momentum from last year’s Siege the Day™ campaign, but our charge is to take the siege to the next level. We have an epic story to tell – a new coach, a proven QB, major stadium renovations and Tampa Bay’s enthusiasm for a high-energy, cannons-firing, touchdown-scoring, record-setting, flag-raising experience.

The cannons have been a symbol of the Buccaneers since the rebrand in 1997 so including them in our siege is a perfect elevation of the siege.

The launch of a campaign this high profile and complex requires a lot of “firepower.” We have an explosive new TV spot, billboards, radio, print, digital and signage – all with highly designed, complex elements.

Fans will connect with the campaign and will be drawn to the stadium to experience the live action!

We invite you to see it live or check it out in our portfolio page. #siegetheday

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