The ChappellRoberts Idea Interchange

Coming into an agency filled with unique and extremely creative individuals was a little intimidating to say the least. I had worked in an agency before, but with only four of us, the whole “getting to know you” period was short. In an agency of 30 people I knew that it would take some time to truly get to know what inspired everyone around me. Thankfully, the ChappellRoberts Idea Interchange happened just days after I was hired.

The Idea Interchange is just that:  a forum to share ideas. Held monthly, it’s just one of the many ways our agency promotes integration and collaboration. We were encouraged to bring anything that had inspired us recently – a video, ad campaign, mobile app or even a news story. As psyched as I was, I began to worry about what I would bring. I wanted to accurately showcase where I get my inspiration as well as inspire the team. Even though I feel inspired constantly, when I had to pick, I was overwhelmed! There was simply too much to choose from.

Idea Interchange

I finally decided that I would incorporate my digital film and video production background by showing This is Water, a short video based on David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech at Kenyon College in 2005. The speech highlighted how people perceive life and other human beings. Paired with a video that was done on an extremely limited budget, it is one of the most inspiring pieces of film I’ve ever seen. I felt confident that my new colleagues would agree.

The Idea Interchange was more educational than I had imagined, not to mention fun and a great way to learn more about my new co-workers. Did I mention there were snacks and tasty brews? That never hurts.

Some of the inspiring ideas shared were Anthony Cerniello’s short film, Danielle, an impeccable time lapse demonstrating the aging process, some outstanding examples of underwater photography by artist Christy Lee Rogers (shocker – not photoshopped!), bits from the new Cartier Collection Paris campaign, an empowering excerpt from George Lois’s Damn Good Advice, and a fashion show teaser based on a “Pangea” theme.

Working in a creative industry, ideas are what it’s all about. The Idea Interchange is a perfect way to ensure that those ideas stay top of mind and push us to do the most inspiring work for our clients.

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