Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo Petitions for Manatee Emoji

Emojis are a must in my day-to-day vocabulary. My age group paved the way for the “texting instead of talking” concept…you’re welcome, Generation Z! As a habitual texter, I’ve been frequently reminded that 90 percent of communication is non-verbal. So instead of having the patience or time to have all conversations in person, some amazing genius invented emojis to help us continue to take shortcuts in communication!

Today, emojis have become a standard language – literally – for mobile communication. For this generation, they are becoming as iconic as the alphabet, so to create something awesome to become part of the official language is a huge deal!

Enter Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo’s Manatee Emoji Campaign
The past several weeks Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo has been campaigning to petition Unicode to include the very important endangered animal in the mix. Not only would this give us a fun new emoji in our library, it would increase awareness for the species overall.


The Zoo’s David A. Straz, Jr. Manatee Hospital is the only non-profit, acute care facility of its kind specifically dedicated to the critical care for injured, sick and orphaned wild manatees, and one of just three contracted federally permitted manatee rehabilitation facilities in the state of Florida. As a top institution for manatee rescue, rehabilitation and release, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo knows how important this native Florida species is to the ecosystem and they want to do everything they can to continue to conserve this marine mammal for future generations. But TLPZ didn’t stop there to raise awareness for these adorable herbivores, they also created a cool Mannequin Challenge video, click here to check it out.

crocodileThe Zoo’s manatee emoji campaign has over 25,000 signatures, showing overwhelming community support. Click here to learn more or sign the petition.

If you want to take your support of manatees a step further, know that you can also make a donation to the Zoo, participate in their Adopt-A-Manatee program or purchase an annual Zoo membership for your family to enjoy and support conservation and education efforts all year round.

Who doesn’t #LoveManatees?



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