Super Bowl XLVII Commercial Recap: The Best and The Worst

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The 2013 Super Bowl was not without its excitement this year. What was quickly becoming one of the biggest blowouts since 2003 (shameless plug from a Bucs fan) turned into one of the biggest – albeit ill-fated – comebacks in Super Bowl history. We shook our heads as the Superdome scrambled to fix an untimely blackout, and watched brands like Walgreens and Oreo as they found ways to capitalize on it.

And then there are the commercials. Every year, brands compete to make us laugh, cry, smile and grimace. Many fall flat and just make us yawn, while others have been powerful enough to stop us in our tracks. The 2013 lineup didn’t disappoint on any of those fronts.

Here are our picks for the best and worst of show:


Budweiser – “The Clydesdales: Brotherhood”
Our favorite TV spot this year, and the one everyone seems to be talking about today, came from Budweiser. Anheuser-Busch captured us with its touching tale of a bond between a Clydesdale foal and his trainer – a 60-second story that could have been a full-length film.


Dodge Ram – “So God Made a Farmer”
Dodge used a famous monologue of the late Paul Harvey – “So God Made a Farmer” – over a silent slideshow of original photography to create an arresting ode to the families who till the land. Dodge appealed to the core of its target audience with this spot by positioning its brand as a tool that these Americans rely upon to work and live.

Audi – “Prom”
In this spot, we see a high school kid heading off to prom without a date. His dad lends him the Audi and gives him the confidence boost he needs to kiss the prom queen and proudly head home with a shiner from the prom king. With few words and little time, Audi delivered a great story of teenage bravery. We’ll also go ahead and give this TV spot the award for “best kiss” – As for the worst kiss…



GoDaddy – “The Kiss”
Web hosting is not sexy. It never has been and it never will be. Yet for some reason, GoDaddy still has not figured this out, and continues to embarrass itself, year after year, with what is consistently some of the most poorly received advertising in the Super Bowl. This year, GoDaddy made audiences cringe across the nation, by adding shock value to its predictable and expected template of “sex sells”.

Wonderful Pistachios – “Gangnam Style”
Wonderful Pistachios was a day late and a buck short with its ad featuring Psy. Gangnam Style took the internet by storm six months ago, but after some anti-American remarks in December and the generally short lifespan of one-hit wonders, Psy’s popularity has quickly begun to fade. Lesson learned: YouTube sensations are likely to fade between your media buy and air date.

Budweiser – “Coronation”
In this spot, we see a dark banquet hall full of bad dancing and a cast that looks as uncomfortable acting as we felt watching. At the end, a man stands up at the end of a table and says, “Here’s to taste! Here’s to our kind of beer!” Huh? Our recommendation: Stick with the Clydesdales, Budweiser.

What were your favorite and least favorite commercials from the big game? See all of our agency commentary at @chappellroberts.


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