Super Bowl XLIX Spot Recap

Super Bowl 49 advertising had it all: puppies, fanny packs, flying pigs, Liam Neeson, life-sized PacMan, Mindy Kaling, a dodo bird, Walter White, screaming goats, a kale garden, chef Brett Favre, even the Brady Bunch. One might wonder how 2015 advertising could be topped. Albeit, while big brand players certainly stepped up their game this year (no pun intended), we think 2016 could be even better. Here’s what we hope to see from some of the bigger brands in next year’s #AdBowl:

Cute, cuddly puppies, regal Clydesdales and tugging on heart strings has worked wonders for this brand, placing their spot at #1 for the last two years. But can they be successful with this approach for a third year? We think they need a game changer for 2016. Why do people buy beer? A survey done by Mother Road Mobile Canning suggests that 85% of us buy beer for taste. So tell us why Bud tastes good. Please.

Yikes. Nationwide’s Super Bowl spot landed #45 on USA Today’s 2015 Ad Meter Results. We understand what they were going for – but many consumers feel they took the overly dramatic approach a step too far. Some even called the spot “morbid.” People purchase insurance for two different reasons: as an investment or as a security blanket. Maybe instead of scaring us, tell us why it’s important, no matter our mindset.

Coca Cola
Ranking #8 out of 61, Coca-Cola’s “Make it Happy” definitely achieved Super Bowl success. And while we praise the brand for calling attention to a serious problem among today’s youth – bullying – we’re also having trouble recalling the spot just less than a week after it aired. They need to add a little something extra to their PSA recipe next year.

Isn’t the Kim Kardashian phase over? And when did it become cool to mock Save the Children commercials? If you’re going to use a self-made celeb in your spot next year, let’s make it someone that’s relevant and not so polarizing.

Side note: While not a big brand, we can’t help but offer some words of wisdom to Jublia as they plan their 2016 strategy. Please do not show toe fungus wearing a tiny helmet. In fact, maybe just don’t say the word fungus on a day when people are consuming over 1.2 billion chicken wings. Super gross.

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