Super Bowl Wish List


The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year and hands down the biggest day for advertisers. In other words, it is our perfect day. We are READY.

What companies will win us over? What companies will leave us underwhelmed? Who will flush their million dollar spots down the drain, and who will leave us wishing the next Super Bowl of commercials and campaigns were not 364 days away? Our Tweet Team will be live tweeting our own play-by-play of TV spots again this year. Follow us @ChappellRoberts and join in on the conversation with #CRSuperBowl.

If the teasers tell us anything, this year’s spots are going to be mostly focused on laughs and filled with celebrity cameos.

Our 2013 Super Bowl Wish List:

• More variety – 90% of this year’s ads were sold in September, let’s cross our fingers for some diversity.
• Creativity > Sex– National news is already talking about some racy spots. Will they work for the brand’s target audience? Maybe.
• Emotional connection– Bring on the humor, the tears and the reasons that move target audiences from awareness to commitment.
• Cost = Originality – Let’s hope these high prices ($3.8 million/spot) mean that big brands are bringing their A game.


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