Super Bowl Spot Recap

Was Kleenex the major sponsor of this year’s Super Bowl or did it just happen that so many spots went for the emotional jugular?!  What does it mean? Well, it could indicate more attention to female buying power or a sign of a deeper connection to brands that speak to the heart. Regardless, we saw a lot less humor in this year’s live TV spots. Here is a look at our agency’s thoughts on the best, the worst and a quick, social/digital honorable mention.

The Best

Since this year was the year of the heartwarming ads – our best execution vote goes to the Chevrolet “Life” spot. The simplicity and connection to both the male and female audience made this our top choice.

The Worst

This year there may have been more bad than good. But, our votes showed the least favorite ad was from SodaStream. Why? Our team felt it was cheap, not very creative and not likely to move us to purchasing the product.

Honorable Digital/Social Mention

Newcastle did an amazing job with its campaign. The online spot was great, and the social and digital interaction was even better. This year the social brands definitely rose to the top, and Newcastle seemed to be leading the charge before and during the big game.

View the Spots/Cast Your Vote

If you missed any of the spots this year, check them out at the Super Bowl YouTube channel or this Wall Street Journal list. Even if you saw them once, watch them again. Brands like RadioShack and others may start rising to the top as the spots greatly align with the brand and have some legs post-Super Bowl.

Chevrolet "Life"


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