Super Bowl Commercial Reboots

The movie industry continues to reboot classic films every year. What if the advertising industry did the same? Our team decided to have a little fun brainstorming some potential reboots of classic Super Bowl commercials. Our first one up is:

Budweiser / “Wazzup!” / 1999

Reboot Pitch
Cast the exact same guys from the original TV spot. They’re all older, married with children, and live in different cities now. Instead of whazzup’ing each other via land-line phones, the entire spot is seen through a Google Hangouts/Skype interface. One by one, each guy pops up in video chat with the same “Whazzup” greeting, notifying one another that they’re “Streaming the game. Having’ a Bud.” We see their various updated home lives in the background. The reboot would convey brand loyalty – the same guys drinking the same beer two decades later.

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