Super Bowl Commercial Reboots: Super Bowls vs. Super Foods

Reboot: Super Bowls vs. Super Foods

Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl commercial re-wrote the book on product announcements. It challenged the then-institution of computers (IBM) with an exciting new way to think about PCs.

For this Super Bowl remix, I’m taking the spot in a bit of a different direction.

Imagine a theater setting similar to the original spot. Except the audience is binge eating hamburgers and chicken legs and chugging glasses of milk. A mysterious man on the screen drones repeatedly:




Pan to the outskirts of the theater, where cows and pigs march in a line, bound together by chains.

But then, through the mist runs a huge, muscular man in bright green booty shorts. It’s world-record-breaking vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian.

He runs up to the screen, swings around a sledgehammer and throws it through the glass. An on-screen super appears:

“Go Vegan. And you’ll see why protein doesn’t have to be at all like ‘protein.’”

“Learn more at”

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Hunter Taylor has been vegan for nearly 5 years. He really tries not to be one of those preachy types, too. And true to form, he didn’t have plans to write this blog until someone else brought up his veganism.

Follow Hunter and the team Super Bowl Sunday. We’ll be back with our annual live commentary on the Super Bowl spots. #CRSuperBowl @ChappellRoberts

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