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Is speed a necessity in the overall recipe for social success? Absolutely, but ONLY after you have the basics covered. Don’t let the race for first place jeopardize your digital brand. In advance of Saturday’s Social Media Day, we wanted to share what’s in our must-have brand toolkit:

1. Social Style Guide – One brief document can save a brand several rounds of revisions by clearly outlining your brand’s tone, graphic guidelines and post-reminders. Brand voice and persona are a must. Don’t create this document and then just file it away – use it as a guide for every Conversation Calendar(™).

2. Social Policy – Does it seem like every app you open has a policy update? That’s because it does, and your brand should have one too. This policy update should represent a collaboration between brand experts and your human resources and legal departments.

3. Social Graphics Template – You may have an agency, or maybe you create your social graphics internally. Either way, a standard templates for specific brand efforts is a must.

4. Response Protocol – Plan for the best and prepare for the worst with a response protocol that clearly outlines standard, issue and crisis response protocol. This should include draft scenarios and key contacts needed for specific reviews.

Waste of time? No way. Investing in these social brand basics will ultimately help you save time and money in the long run. Mastering your tone, your creative guidelines and your process will cut down on the number of reviews and edits.

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