Small Business Forum Joins Leaders Throughout Florida

Small businesses are a large part of what makes our state and country so incredible. Last week, I was proud to attend a private dinner with Florida’s chief financial officer, Jeff Atwater, and a handful of other small business owners from throughout the state.

It was an honor to be selected to join this group and share my insights as a business owner. And, it was invaluable to hear from others who have experienced similar situations and successes.

A common theme throughout the night was talent. It has never been more important for Florida to grow and maintain talent – especially for specific trades and technology industries. It is vital for areas throughout Florida to continue mentoring, educating and promoting continued education. Our region has made great strides in this particular area by introducing initiatives such as Graduate Tampa Bay. With the help of area leadership, efforts like Graduate Tampa Bay can result in a better quality of life for residents and lead to more prosperous cities throughout Florida.

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I left the meeting empowered and inspired by CFO Atwater’s passionate support of the nearly half a million small business owners in Florida. Thank you to the Florida Chamber of Commerce, led by Mark Wilson, for hosting a powerful forum for us to discuss the ever-changing climate for small businesses across Florida.

Now, the best way to create change is through empowerment, collaboration and candid discussion. For those of you who run or work for a small business, I welcome you to share your thoughts, stories and suggestions about day-to-day operations and cultivating talent. What do you see for the future of small businesses throughout the state?

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