Skipping My Morning (and Afternoon and Evening) Coffee

Image via: Daily Shot of Coffee

I made it my mission to wean myself off of coffee about four months ago. 

“WHY would you try quitting coffee?!” – I heard this constantly as I shared my new endeavor with friends and family. A few coworkers even clutched their mugs and recoiled, as if I were going snatch their beverages right out of their hands.

It would be noble to say I wanted to put some highly regarded study to the test and prove once and for all that caffeine is/isn’t (you pick) good for you.

But the truth? It was an experiment. After drinking coffee so consistently day in and day out, it became a ritual, and I wanted to know if I could give it up. In an industry fueled by caffeine-induced adrenaline rushes, can I survive without it?

Turns out, I can.

It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t pretty, but I did it. I worked through the rough mornings, the afternoon lulls and the withdrawal headaches. When I emerged on the other side, I found myself with more energy, clearer skin and better overall health.

Now, I don’t even miss the stuff, though I do enjoy an occasional cup of brew as a special treat.

If you’re looking ditch your morning joe, or just limit how much you drink, below are a few of my favorite caffeine-free coffee substitutes. Remember to take it slow and wean yourself. Enjoy!

• Herbal tea (spiced rooibos is my favorite)
• Green smoothies (try this recipe)
• Apple cider vinegar tonic (1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar, 16 oz. water, stevia)
• Vegetable juice
• Old-fashioned cold water



  • Natalia Vandeberg

    I also gave up coffee 4 months ago & I’m so glad I did!! BTW, nice job on your blog!!

  • Esther

    I love this! And you have some actual suggestions that almost make me think I could try to give up the diesel too. Almost.

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