Say Goodbye to Social Media

Imagine if today, on Social Media Day – our social media outlets quit working….

A complete social media shutdown is highly unlikely. However, if certain outlets did close down, there would be serious consequences for users and advertisers alike. We may be relying on channels for communication to do too much. See how you answer the following questions:

 1. Access to images: We all love your selfies and brand images, but would you have access to them if social media disappeared?

2. Personal/professional milestones: Now that your day planner is nonexistent, would you remember to wish everyone a happy birthday or send that client a special note about their work anniversary?

3. Customer touch points: Social offers a great way to quickly reach customers, but is your email/direct mail list just as strong?

4. Business connections: LinkedIn is a huge business asset, but are you also updating your resume file and saving those recommendations? Do you have email and phone information for all of your friends, followers and connections?

Now the chances of social suddenly disappearing is small to none. In fact, it’s sure to continue to evolve and change the way people network and companies interact. But, as certain outlets fade away, be sure to back up all information and photos. Also, be sure that your other brand marketing channels are equally as strong.

Social media is a tool in your branding tool kit. Just make sure it isn’t your only one.

Happy #SMDay everyone!

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