Roar Through Ybor – Race For Sight

It’s that time of year again! The Saturday when several of our team members wake up with the roosters to run the annual Roar Through Ybor 5k for the Lions Eye Institute. This year marks the 16th annual Race for Sight with all benefits going to a very important client to us, the Lions Eye Institute Foundation. The Foundation works to support the Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and Research by raising money to help those in financial need to get life-changing corneal surgery.

This year, we have some new team members participating in the race as well as some alumni who participate every year, so we decided to do a survey about race goals, motivations and what they’ll be listening to as they cross the finish line.

Cailey Aubrey, Jr. Media Buyer

Race Goals: Simple – to run the entire thing! My asthma sometimes gives me a hard time, but I try to push through and remind myself it’s only 30 minutes.

Race Motivation: Getting ready for a 5k pushes me to go to the gym more often than normal. I almost wish I had a 5k or 10k every month so I would actually consistently work out.

Race Tunes: I’ll be listening to some gangsta rap to remind me that I am a badass that can finish this race. And go to happy hour afterwards.

Fun fact: This will be my first 5k in over 2 years! My last one was for our philanthropy in my undergraduate fraternity.

Kaitlyn Loos, Assistant Account Executive

Race Goals: I do 5ks for the purpose and the party! I look forward to the Lion’s Eye Race for Sight every year because it’s a great time of year to get out and walk for an awesome cause.

Race Motivation: My coworkers! I love to root for the runners, and the walkers always have a great time, and it doesn’t hurt to start my weekend with some exercise.

Race Tunes: Not sure if I’ll have headphones in while walking, but I’ll probably put my Nicki Minaj station on to get out of bed that morning.

Samantha Didio, Jr. Media Buyer

Race Goals: I would love to be able to run the whole race without stopping. I have kind of fallen off the running bandwagon this past year, so being able to finish this without stopping would be amazing! Life has taken its toll on my running this past year.

Race Motivation: Running has always been a way for me to de-stress. I only typically run 5K as part of charity runs, so that definitely is a motivator. I am happy to know that my contributions are going to a good cause! It also motivates me to work out on the weekends.

Race Tunes: I can’t believe I am admitting this, but I am totally into cheesy pop country music at the moment. I will definitely be making a playlist of Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and whoever else falls into this cheesy, yet addicting genre.

Kat Wade, Account Executive

Race Goals: Crossing the finish line without a leg cramp!

Race Motivation: Swimsuit season.

Race Tunes: Shuffle on my iTunes—so that could mean a mixture of everything from The Weekend to Coldplay to M83 to Big Sean.

Fun Fact: This will be my 3rd time running the Roar Through Ybor.

Chris Wilkerson, Senior Account Executive

Race Motivation: I am motivated to sign up for 5K races because it forces me to get my act together and eat well and exercise for a while. Similarly, I invite people over for dinner to force me to clean up the house.

Race Goal: My goal for all 5K’s is to get in under 30 min. I got a 28:18 once, but I have not hit that mark in a while.

There’s still time to sign-up! Click here to register for the race and help raise money for this amazing organization.

Some of the team at the 2016 race

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