Resolutions to Inspire You in 2018

The New Year is here! As tradition holds, it’s a time when we reflect on the year behind us and consider all of the possibilities that lie ahead. We contemplate who we are, and in many cases who we’d like to be.

While I’m sure you’d love to hear about my many resolutions (one of which is figuring out how to get invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding), I was more interested in hearing what resolutions are motivating our agency leadership in 2018. I’m happy to say their responses did not disappoint.

Colleen Chappell, President + CEO

Embrace multiple answers. This year, my resolution is to celebrate finding more than one “right” answer. Finding the right answer closes your mind from true creativity. Knowing that there’s more than one right answer frees the mind of guardrails – it creates even more power in ideation. This year, I won’t rush to find a sole solution; rather, I’m going to purse the path of multiples. To be certain closes off opportunity. In 2018, I will embrace the search for multiple right answers!

Christine Turner, Principal/VP of Account Services

Find new ways to be inspired and to inspire.

Sarah Tildsley, Principal, Creative Services

Keep it simple. Simplicity is inspiring. Thoreau said it best. It is the ultimate goal for all successful communications. Short is sweet and consumable in this noisy world. In 2018, let’s keep it simple.

Scott Gattis, Principal, Account Strategy

Seek un-likemindedness. It’s easy and comfortable (and so limiting) to surround yourself with people who hold similar beliefs and perspectives. 2018 will be all about expanding my perspective by actively seeking and engaging with those who hold different viewpoints.

Katy Berry, Principal, Controller

Pursue Positivity. In 2018 I plan to adopt the attitude of positive thinking in everything I do. I’ll approach all projects and people with optimism. It only takes a little positivity to transform a challenge into an opportunity!

As we welcome 2018, I hope these resolutions encourage you to reach new heights, push your boundaries, and maybe change the world a little bit.

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